About Richard

Rib steakRichard is a professionally qualified chef with over 24 years experience in high class professional kitchens across England & Australia and over 16 years owning and running his own popular European restaurant.

With a passion for food and an obsession for perfection, Richard slipped seamlessly into food styling.

Richard was born and raised in West Yorkshire. His interest in food started at a very young age – he was born into a catering family and lived on the premise of his parent’s restaurant and bakery. From the age of eight, Richard was often found in the kitchens learning how to bake bread, make delicious desserts, soups & sauces etc…

Richard Gibson.

Today, having sold his restaurant in April 2012, Richard is dedicated to food styling, though continues to keep abreast of the catering trade through his own small high class deli, bistro & outside catering company based in Leeds.